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Atuin, Fish shell, and fzf plugin

I recently installed and started using Atuin, an excellent tool for syncing shell history across machines. It also provides a great interface for searching your shell history, which you can access with either of the expected keybindings, ↑ key or ctrl-r.

The only problem was that ctrl-r wouldn’t work, as the fzf plugin was already using it.

In my case, I did the following to fix this.

I added a file under $fish_config/functions/ that captures the keybindings that Atuin tries to set up when initialized.

status is-interactive; or exit 0

function atuin_key_bindings
    bind \cr _atuin_search
    bind -k up _atuin_bind_up
    bind \eOA _atuin_bind_up
    bind \e\[A _atuin_bind_up
    if bind -M insert >/dev/null 2>&1
        bind -M insert \cr _atuin_search
        bind -M insert -k up _atuin_bind_up
        bind -M insert \eOA _atuin_bind_up
        bind -M insert \e\[A _atuin_bind_up

Updating the file under $fish_config/functions/ to call the new function above after the fzf_key_bindings function.

function fish_user_key_bindings