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Adding .mdx support to LazyVim

Prior Work


If you are interested in adding highlight support for .mdx files in LazyVim the following is what I did to accomplish this.

Add the following directories and files to update how the markdown parser works

├── after
│   └── queries
│       └── markdown
│           ├── highlights.scm
│           └── injections.scm

highlights.scm content

; extends
((inline) @_inline (#match? @_inline "^\(import\|export\)")) @nospell

injections.scm content

; extends
((inline) @_inline (#match? @_inline "^\(import\|export\)")) @tsx

Add a lua/plugins/treesitter.lua file and add the following.

return {
    opts = function(_, opts)
      if type(opts.ensure_installed) == "table" then
        vim.list_extend(opts.ensure_installed, { "markdown" })
        vim.treesitter.language.register("markdown", "mdx")

This update ensures that the treesitter ensure_installed table exists and then extends it by adding the markdown parser. It then registers the mdx language to use the markdown parser.

Finally, add the following to lua/config/options.lua

  extension = {
    mdx = "mdx",

This tells Neovim about the mdx file extension.